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Project Documents (pdfs)

  • Design Guidelines from the MaxPak Site Community Planning Process
  • KSS Site Plan Compliance with Community Design Guidelines
  • Financial Analysis of Various Development Scenarios
    (as created by the city financial expert)
  • Drew Leff Executive Summary
  • Reuse vs. New Construction
    (for the Somerville Historic Commission)
  • Traffic Impact and Access Study
    Note: Following community meetings, the unit count has been reduced to 199 units. Therefore, the study and its impacts, as reflected at 220 units, would have less impact at the current 199 unit level.
  • Traffic Impact - Executive Summary
    Somerville — 61 & 56 Clyde Street (formerly known as MaxPac)

    This project is a five plus acre, contaminated parcel of land with existing dilapidated manufacturing/industrial structures in a dense urban residential neighborhood. KSS is proposing a for-sale, multi-family residential development consisting of 199 units including a mix of unit types.

    The site sits adjacent to what will ultimately be the extension of an existing Community/Bike Path, which is approximately a 15 minute walk to and from Davis Square (the hottest section of Somerville and where public rail transportation is located). We anticipate providing subsurface private parking spaces for all residents and a significant portion of open space/parkland on the site. The site will have its own driveway from the Lowell Street Bridge, as well as access from the existing Clyde Street neighborhood.

    The City has undertaken a first of its kind public ‘workshop process’ with neighbors, abutters, and concerned citizens to help to identify and define specific design guidelines which we have incorporated into our proposal. KSS believes that this process has resulted in a better project for all concerned.

    Project benefits include: a significant increase in the city’s tax base; a percentage of the units will be offered as affordable for local residents; the clean-up of an environmentally challenged site; the creation of a unique, aesthetically attractive urban village which embraces, on each side, the character of the abutting properties; more than an acre of open/recreational space and, an enhancement of the community/bike path as our development meshes with it to provide a greater ‘park’ space as well as access to Lowell Street and the surrounding community.